Arun River Rafting

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3 days

Arun River is one of the mighty tributary of that streams through the Tibetan Plateau passing the Northern slopes of Mt. Everest . Arun River Rafting starts with a 3-day trek through remote villages of the tranquil Arun valley that offers camping in lush forests with views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks which is still unrivaled and unspoiled.

The Upper Arun is a standout amongst the most influential and regarded rivers in Nepal, slicing through the Himalaya with profound and marvelous gorges, lavish valleys and eminent riverside beaches. The Arun is a natural choice for those lookout for genuine adventure. The powerful current and expansive volume of water offers ascent to immense and noteworthy rapids all around the excursion. The rapids might be challenging and in fact complex. It is likewise the first choice for those looking for a campaign into the wild.